Q1. How can I detect a driveway failure?


1. Tree stumps - Tree stumps are a result of a improper grading job a negligent person would just cover the area with class a gravel to give the appearance that the area was prepped and ready to be paved.

2. Weeds - Weeds can result again from a lack of proper grading you must dig and scratch the base to remove weeds prior to applying the class a base.

3. Humps - Humps in a finished product shows that there were rocks with in the frost line that were left resulting in heaving through the frost season.

4. Depressions - Depressions can be caused by soft areas in the base or parking in one area for extended periods of time. A strong well built base will make for a strong well built driveway.

5. Cracking - Cracking can appear with thin asphalt or asphalt not properly compressed. Asphalt should be layed at 3" and rolled with a 3 ton roller for 100% compaction.



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